A Unique Business Opportunity through a Learning Adventure in Tourism, NFT Secured Bali Real Estate, and the Metaverse

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Lemuria, also known as Mu, was an advanced race a peaceful, highly intelligent people that existed in the ancient world. In Lemuria, life worked in harmony, all beings were seen as equal and we were deeply reverent to Mother Earth.
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A volcanic stone mountain being transformed to nurture a journey of personal development through secret chambers carved out of the volcanic stone to help visitors emerge as more enlightened human beings and as Guardians Of Humanity!
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The Lost City App

An AR app that deciphers the ancient writings and learn ancient wisdom to make your way through the trials to become, a Guardian of Humanity.

The Lost City Metaverse

The App is Connected to the game to evolve and gain more power. more app downloads connected to your personal ID, more POWER

The Lost City t-Shirts

The Augmented Reality app is the only way to decipher the ancient wisdom on t-shirts Sold and Marketed Online

Part of money from the Society will be used to pay and support the families from the local village who create it!. You will Benefit when the profit from the Lemuria Ecosystem buys back Tokens and Burns them, increasing the value of existing tokens. Lemuria Ecosystem includes:
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NFT Holders Share Profit and Become Members of the Secret Lemuria Mythological Society for Business, Personal growth, and Tourism benefits like Free Stays at Avalon Castle
Profit as the Lemuria Ecosystem Grows,
Get Exclusive Profit Sharing NFTs and
Be Part of the Secret Society

See the $LMRA Token on BSCSCAN

Staking tokens earns Membership NFTs that share to memebrs a % of all ticket sales, the more tokens staked, the faster you can earn an NFT. Besides the free stays at Avalon members get annually and based on our research, if Lemuria achieves 50% of 2018 traffic from Monkey Forest 5km away in the PHYSICAL location only, Holders will make 157% ROI ANNUALLY till 2035.
In this stage we will sale 10% from supply (10,000,000,000) at IDR 0.45
Our target selling is IDR 4,500,000,000
There are 5 packages to join the Private Sale Before we offer to the Public at a Much Higher Price

Click to the package to pay through credit card


Please scan to pay through Crypto and Binance Smart Chain





PT Bank Maybank Indonesia Tbk - Arthur Carmazzi

Account Number: 1195248937

Send the screenshot to WA +6281232072875 (Anggie)

Arthur Carmazzi

CEO - Founder


Bhudiarti Carmazzi


Anggie Naluriza

Anggie Naluriza


Lawrence Wong

Lawrence Wong


Ilya Malkov

Ilya Malkov


  • You get certain Tiers in the Lemuria Mythological Society.
  • Annual free staying in Avalon hotel and using spa facilities
  • Certificate of Membership and Profit Sharing
  • Ownership Title and Voting Rights
  • Invitation to the Secret Meeting and Ceremony
  • Your name can be carved in stone in the ancient language of your choice
  • A statue can be build by your request
  • You can buy souvenirs with LMRA token
  • You can create your own challenge to pass for Lemuria visitors

Neftipedia platform

Yes, you can pay using a Credit Card

Absolutely, as it is our main environment

Contact us at support@lemuria.asia